The Gold fan is the platform of electric fans, suitable for Standard Efficiency boilers.

The R&D was able to optimize performance, efficiency, reliability and flexibility thanks to the experience, arising from several years of production.

Brief description of the fan, designed to extract fumes resulting from combustion of either natural gas or propane/butane mixtures, but also to blow hot air inside solid fuels appliances (pellet stoves; wood, wood chip, pellet boilers, etc.):

– Aluminized steel housing

– Shaded poles motor with die-cast rotor

– Φ60mm outlet

– High efficiency (reduced power consumption @ the desired working parameters)

– Low Noise

– Hardened stainless steel shaft

– Rust proof protection

– Motor stack made of magnetic laminations with minimal loss rate

– Any need for specific maintenance

– Motor shaft supported by two oscillating ball bearings, that are shielded and lubricated with special high temperature grease

– Vibration-damping system

– Patented coupling system inside boiler

– Several solutions for pressure signal available

– Possible either vertical or horizontal installation

– Hall effect sensor for speed check available on request

– It fulfils EN 60335-1 /IEC 342-1 standards.