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Throughout SIT history, quality has always been a starting point rather than a goal to be pursued. SIT products are designed in compliance with the highest standards of safety and environmental protection and certified by the most accredited international bodies.
Among the first companies in Italy to obtain the ISO 9001 in 1988, SIT has pursued a steady progression over the years to adapt and often anticipate the increasing needs of the market.
All companies of SIT Group are supported and encouraged in the process of integration into the quality policy of the headquarters.

SIT thus guarantees to its customers that all products are designed, built, tested and supplied with the same care, skill and dedication.


SIT is engaged in the realization of products with low environmental impact, in caring to reducing energy consumption, in the development of systems for high combustion efficiency and low level of air pollution.

In its production activities our company continuously strives to:

> Maintain compliance with all laws and regulations in the environmental field.
> Prevent all forms of pollution.
> Pursue continuous improvement aimed at reducing environmental impacts to a level “corresponding to economically viable application of best available technology”.

Management system certificates

SIT products are sold in all the main world markets and work according to specific and severe safety, health and environment requirements. They have been certified by the most important approval bodies, in compliance with several national and international standards.