SIT will present at Enlit the new range of water meters branded Janz

November 27th, 2022

In Frankfurt the group will present 4 new smart metering solutions for both water and gas. The new Domusnext Vision gas meter with innovative IoT solutions will also be revealed

Padua, 26 November 2022 – The measurement of water and gas consumption in our homes thanks to the residential meter is becoming more and more smart.
Connectivity, technology, and sustainability are in fact the main features of the 4 new solutions for water and gas meters that SIT, a multinational leader in the heating and metering sectors, will present at Enlit, the main European trade fair dedicated to the technologies and innovations for utilities.

Concerning water metering, SIT will present the new range of smart water meters branded Janz. The new range is the result of the integration of electronic and communication technology competence of MeteRSit, company of SIT group specialized in smart gas metering, combined with the water metrology competence of Janz, a company acquired by SIT in 2020 specialized in water metering. The new range, that allows to connect meters to utilities’ smart grids, thus permitting an improved grid management and a reduction in waste, consists of:

• “eRegister”, a fully integrated meter that combines in a single product volumetric metrology, Janz’s strength, with communication technology.
• “add-on radio module” which applied to traditional Janz mechanical meters allows measurement to be communicated, effectively transforming them into smart meters.

Both solutions integrate the most used communication protocols and technologies on the market and can be connected with the proprietary IoT application “MyWater” or with customers’ proprietary applications.

“With the launch of Janz smart water meters we complete a further stage in the development path declared on the occasion of the acquisition of Janz, while confirming our commitment towards sustainability. Our solutions are in fact designed to improve the precision in consumption measurement and support water utilities’ smart grids; last but not least, to safeguard water, a natural resource that is becoming increasingly scarce and therefore precious” stated Tomaso Valdinoci, Chief Product Officer of SIT.