SIT focuses on mental health Enhanced corporate welfare and flexible work

October 21st, 2022

Padua, 20 October 2022 – From the adoption of smart working in pre-pandemic times to the activation of the Psychological Helpdesk for plant employees up to the abolition of badge scanning in all corporate offices of the group, SIT has always established itself as a company that promotes flexible work in an environment based on trust, commitment, and responsibility.

With the end of the Covid 19 emergency, SIT – which employs 2,500 people worldwide, almost 60% of whom are women – has decided to promote smart work structure and flexible work as a pillar of personnel management and to take care of the mental health of its employees by engaging numerous welfare and wellbeing initiatives.

“In this, we are closer to Anglo-Saxon models, which have been dealing with the psychological and emotional health of employees for years,” comments Roberta Fagotto, Human Capital Director of SIT. “It is a delicate point because there are those who believe very much in the importance and influence of this element in work, and those who believe that the quality of work is not affected by the effects of an employee who is uninspired, or unhappy, or who is for any reason external or internal to the company in trouble. In Italy, this type of discussion began in the post-pandemic but has yet to really open up and there are very few best practices. Therefore, we are proud to be able to offer our people and those who evaluate us – potential colleagues or other stakeholders – a welfare plan that focuses heavily on mental health “.

The “Wellbeing in the Company” program contains 3 blocks of initiatives that are accessible digitally, remotely, during working hours, and varying according to the target staff. Among these, there are workshops on rebalancing and meditation techniques (such as mindfulness, zen, yoga, and disconnect to recharge) to better manage stressful situations, aimed at giving psychological benefits by focusing on mind/body balance.

SIT employees will also be able to book appointments with a psychologist during working hours, designed to support the well-being of the individual in the company. “We have had very positive results from the experimentation of the Psychological Helpdesk carried out in our main Italian plant and we have decided to extend it to all colleagues,” says Fagotto.