CO2, SIT obtains certification on the Carbon Footprint

June 1st, 2022

Padua, 01 June 2022 – SIT continues its ESG path and adds another fundamental element to its sustainability roadmap, namely the certification of the Product Carbon Footprint management system (CFP Systematic Approach).

Bureau Veritas Italia, a world leader in inspection, compliance verification, and certification services, has certified SIT’s systematic approach to analyzing the life cycle of products, in a “cradle-to-gate” logic in line with the standards required by ISO 14067: 2018. The systematic approach makes it possible to calculate the emission values related to the individual products offered, but also to carry out scenario simulations on the products under development in order to adopt the optimal technical, production, and logistic solutions from a CFP perspective.

The process is therefore an officially recognized tool available to the company for achieving the emission reduction targets.

Chiara de’ Stefani, Corporate Sustainability Director of SIT, comments that “The management of CO2 emissions plays a central role in our sustainability strategy”. “The adoption of the CFP Systematic Approach measurement standard for the certification of our results, in addition to certifying our progress in a qualified and independent way, provides us with a management tool, a real operational tool to assess the carbon impact of our decisions. A know-how that has become a corporate asset, in which we will continue to invest “.

As an initial field of application, SIT has chosen to focus on three product lines of the Heating division: mechanical controls, fans, and electronic controls.
The certificate is valid until 2025 and includes the Italian plants of Rovigo, Montecassiano, and Padua; abroad, the factories included in the certification are in Romania, China, Mexico, and the Netherlands.