A unique solution which combines the modularity, flexibility and compactness of Kappa with the high performances of Vestasit combustion control system with its very wide modulation range. Main features:

  • Integrates the brushless fan with the electronic controller, the mixer, the gas valve and, as an option, the full boiler electronics in a single assembled and tested product
  • Up to 40 KW, 6:1 modulation range, different power supply voltages available
  • Flexible confi gurations to match different boiler design and heat exchanger types
  • Compactness
  • Modularity
  • Standard internal interfaces
  • Proven solutions for short Time to Market
  • Ready to support innovative modern solutions, like VestaSit for electronic combustion control, to obtain the highest performances in the market
  • Customized burner hood or manifold interfaces for any heat exchanger
  • Optional Non Return Valve device
  • User friendly maintainability