SIT is entering the market with a new innovative system which optimises the overall performances of both premix fans and the air-gas mixer for condensing boiler applications. Capable of operating in the range 5-40KW and modulation ratio to reach 1:6, Being innovative, functional, versatile, compact and customizable, NG40m is also a cost-effective solution that integrates the well known NG40 brushless blower to an air-gas mixer specifically designed and developed for achieving first class results within the it’s sector. NG40m has onboard electronics and a patented firmware rpm for remapping and it is designed to reach the best performance when combined with Sigma SIT gas valve. The air-gas mixer can be connected radially (90° oriented with respect to motor’s shaft) or in other positions thanks to it’s fl exible fi xing system. Air inlet is axial with silencer provision for quick connection or alternatively it can be radial by means of an airbox plug-in