With the growing need to create more efficient energy-saving conditions SIT has designed a fan capable of working with boilers with a power up to 150 kW. As the name implies, it has been designed to work on boilers up to 150kW of power.

NG150 has been optimized using fluid-dynamics in order to have a high effi ciency and a low noise. It has also adopted the semi-rigid fastening of the driving tab of the motor. This reduces the vibrations on the electronic components and therefore improves the reliability of the fan. Another special feature is the motor control using the microcontroller, which manages a two-stage control strategy or a “pulse” for high speeds and the pwm for low speeds, in order to turn silently to the 800rpm minimum. The power supply section of the microcontroller provides a switching power supply in order to have a power consumption of less than 0.6W in standby; this is also a request of the new standards for energy effi ciency of the equipment.