Thanks to the experience in exhaust kits for gas appliances, SIT has developed this new range suitable for Pellet Stoves.
Each element of the range is made of either extruded aluminium (6060 alloy) or die-cast aluminium. The thickness is from 1mm up to 1,5mm and high temperature siliconic paint is used.

Gaskets are made either in silicon (200°C resistance) or in viton (300°C resistance); tighteness is in compliance with EN 1443, EN 483, EN 1856 standards.

Furthermore, every component is in compliance with the standard EN 1856-2 and is homologated T300 – P1 – W – Vm – L10150/L13150/L13100 – O(20) (GASTEC file No. 0063-CPD-7699).